28 April 2016

Anker 250ml Essential Oil Diffuser: Soothing Vapors and Soothing Colors

Anker, the trusted brand for cables, chargers, and portable battery packs, has lately been trying to move into the rest of your home. They recently launched a cordless vacuum, a robot vacuum, and now, this: a 250ml oil diffuser.

In typical Anker fashion, the unit arrives in a friendly and uncluttered blue-and-white box. (No plastic packa
ging to fight with, yay!) Inside you find the diffuser itself, an accessories box including the power adapter (with 3-4 foot cord) and filling jug, an illustrated Welcome Guide, and the usual Anker "Happy? / Not Happy?" feedback card. The diffuser consists of three parts: the base/reservoir, lid, and the dome-shaped cover. The sides of the reservoir are marked with measurements in mL, as is the small filling jug, ensuring that you don't overfill it.