15 January 2015

Using Tasker to Update a Google Domains Dynamic DNS Record

Google Domains left its private beta on Tuesday (in the US, at least) making it possible for "normal" folks to sign up for the service - no invite required.  The announcement included a lot of new features as well but the most interesting for me was the inclusion of support for dynamic DNS.  I became even more excited when I scrolled further down and saw that Google included an API for updating the DDNS record with a specially-crafted HTTP GET or POST request.

This immediately got me thinking about Tasker, and I set to work on a Tasker-driven method for automatically updating a DDNS record for my phone.  This serves no real purpose for me (yet) but it was a bit of fun to work out.

14 January 2015


First things first:

I decided to finally put some content on this groovy Google Domains-registered domain that I registered a while back. This will hopefully become a handy place to document and share some of my Tasker creations, scripting solutions, and other projects - primarily for my own benefit, but you are welcome to join me for the ride.